5 Reasons Why Eating Plant Based Foods is Better for Your Health

As one of the most obese countries in the world, it’s clear that many Americans have developed very poor eating habits. Our need for quick and easy solutions may be to blame for the overabundance of fast food options that are available.  However, a quick and easy solution to your daily food intake doesn’t necessarily need to include your standard fast food restaurants or the bag of potato chips at the grocery store checkout line. Plant based foods, are obviously a better option when it comes to your health. What many don’t know however though, is that incorporating plant food options into your diet can be nearly as quick (or quicker!) than frequenting fast food options. In addition to helping prevent the obesity epidemic, here are 10 other reasons why eating plant based foods are better for your health than any other options. 

 Foods is Better for Your HealthPrevents Diabetes

Diabetes has become a widespread international disease. Over 25 million of Americans, both children and adults, have been diagnosed diabetes (many undiagnosed). Type 2 diabetes is the most common type, which sadly enough, is completely preventable! Type 2 diabetes is caused from an unhealthy diet, particularly sugars. It has been proven that consuming more natural plant based foods can help prevent diabetes.

Weight Loss

This should be a given. A more natural diet will help you lose weight over consuming any products with artificial ingredients. Many individuals are fooled by “diet” versions of food or beverages. Technically, any new version of a food product that has a somewhat smaller proportion of sugars or fat is allowed to slap a “diet” sticker on their package. But does the word diet mean healthy? Most certainly not. Unfortunately, many diet products end up using artificial additives and sweeteners that could have long lasting health effects on our bodies. It’s just common sense that natural foods will be healthier for our bodies than artificial ingredients created in a lab.

In addition, most plant foods only contain approximately 10 to 50 calories per cup! There are very little non-plant based foods that can claim the same.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The Harvard School of Public Health, amongst many other respectable sources, has conducted research that shows fruits and vegetables lower blood pressure. In addition to diabetes, high blood pressure is a totally preventable condition that plagues a vast majority of Americans. Over 30% of the populations have high blood pressure.

Environmental Benefits

Meat consumption requires an inordinate amount of grain to be grown for a comparatively small result. Producing 1 lb. of beef requires approximately 15 lbs. of grain. In order to grow grain, a great deal of water and other resources are needed. Grain is a consumable food for humans, so sticking to the grains amongst other naturally grown foods will help save energy and a decent amount of pollution.

Better skin

The more animal products you eat, the more saturated fats you are consuming. Saturated fats and lead to an over-production of oils in our skin and thus clog our pores more frequently. Fruits and vegetables contain many of the vitamins our body needs to maintain a healthy balance, including the essentials for healthy skin. Many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C for instance, which helps prevent wrinkles by a natural production of collagen.

Incorporating a vegetarian diet into your lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean more time spent cooking or shopping for foods either. Today there are healthy vegetarian meal delivery service options that can deliver your hand selected meals to your front door- saving you the trip to the grocery store and the time to cook meals. Get back your natural self by feeding your body what it needs and ensuring you’re consuming healthy foods with essential vitamins and minerals.

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