Cooking Up a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Children

As a parent myself, I know all too well that meal times can often present a challenge especially when introducing new foods to the table. For every parent with headstrong offspring who are determined to eat the stodgy food enjoyed at their peer’s homes and at school sometimes it does feel like you’re fighting a losing battle…

But fear not, I have a few helpful tips (and tricks) that every parent can use to introduce healthy eating and cook up a storm that all the family will enjoy. There are even a few opportunities to get those little creative hands involved for a more inspirational family kitchen and a healthier, more enjoyable mealtime…

Plan ahead together for nutritious and creative meals; planning a weekly menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be a little daunting, especially for parents that face the challenge of striking the perfect balance between work and home life. Instead plan meals two to three days at a time to ensure that each meal is balanced and interesting. Incorporate whole grain, fruits, vegetables and protein to create a colourful and healthy combination. Get your child involved in this process too by allowing them to plan a meal for all the family every once in a while, with a little guidance of course!

Regular meal times are also the key to healthy eating, and can curb bad habits and in turn, create the good eating habits that will last a lifetime, ensuring your child goes onto become a healthy adult and passes your wisdom to your grandchildren. Schedule meals every three to four hours and include healthy snack breaks to ensure your child is not famished, cranky and less willing to try new foods.

When it does come to introducing new foods, the key is to do this slowly, as all children are food-phobic and need time to hone their palettes. Spend a little time getting their taste buds used to the new flavour and try not to play ‘food enforcer’ too much, instead stay on neutral ground, encourage and expand your own palette in the process!

As well as being a proud parent, Brittany helps other families get the help their need in raising our next generation. She works for County Nannies Recruitment and uses her expertise in the field to assist parents in recruiting the right nanny, au pair or maternity nurse for their family.

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