Excellent Egg Based Recipes for Fitness Fanatics

There’s no secret behind the power of eggs: they’re cheap, easy to cook, and versatile enough to be eaten every night without getting bored. However, while cooking, boiling, or scrambling eggs is common knowledge, recipes that filter out the white from the yolk, and only use that, can be much harder to find.


Egg whites are high in protein and amino acids, with no fat, so they are naturally one of the best foods to eat in order to get bulked up, fit, or healthier. In comparison to the yolk, they have far fewer recipes dedicated to them, but are much better for you. Egg whites as part of an exercise plan are the simplest and most effective foods to help continue on the work you do in the gym. We’ve found our favourite egg-white only recipes for you to try out!


Omelette with a Twist


Everyone knows how to make an omelette: they’re easy and cheap, and can contain everything you need to use up in your fridge. However, we’ve concocted our own recipe that means you can forget about needing to use the yolk, and stick with the whites.


Pour 6 – 8 egg whites into a frying pan on medium heat, and cook for 6 – 8 minutes. When the whites begin to solidify, change the heat from medium to low, and add whatever other ingredients you fancy. Flip the omelette over, and cook the other side – and then it’s ready to eat!


Egg Whites with Muffins


For a carbohydrate kick with your egg whites, add a traditional English breakfast muffin to the mix. Perfect for breakfast, as a snack after a workout, or a light dinner, this protein and carb filled meal can be enjoyed whenever, and is ready in almost no time at all!


Scramble together three egg whites, and choose what other toppings you’d like on your muffin – we highly recommend spinach! Once you’ve laid out your other choices, toast the muffin until it’s slightly crispy, and then add the egg on top.







Tex-Mex Scrambled Egg


For scrambled eggs with a healthy, protein-filled kick, follow this simple, delicious recipe.

Heat one tablespoon of oil in a frying pan, then add a tortilla and fry until crispy. Usually this is two minutes per side. Remove from the heat, then cut into small pieces. Dice up jalapeños, peppers, onions and tomatoes, and sauté. Whisk together four egg whites, then add to pan with vegetables, and scramble. Mix in the diced tortilla, top with cheese (if required), and you’re good to go!


Eggy Oatmeal


For a normal breakfast with a bodybuilding twist, add your egg whites to your oatmeal! This tasty bowlful is the perfect way to start your day off, combining a slow release food, with the protein rich egg white.


Combine half a cup of oats with one cup of water in a saucepan, on medium heat. The oats will begin to get bigger after around two minutes. Add four egg whites to the pan, and slowly stir. After three – four minutes, the oats will get bigger and fluffier, as they mix together with the egg whites. Once you can pull the oats away from the side of the pan, your breakfast is ready! For more flavours, try adding cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate powder!


We love all these recipes – and we’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions! Nearly all egg-based dishes can be substituted for just egg whites: the general rule of thumb is that one egg is equal to two egg whites. If you prefer to use powdered egg whites, something that is often easier, check with your supplier how much to use in place of liquid whites. Happy cooking!


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