Top Tips on Choosing the Perfect Cocktail Bar for Your Party

Planning the party of a lifetime? If you are in charge of organising any event, whether it’s a corporate product launch or a grand wedding, there’s one thing that you absolutely need: a cocktail bar. Let’s face it: a party isn’t complete without cocktails, and what better way to serve all your drinks and beverages than with a cocktail bar?


The first thing you need to know is that there are actually different types of cocktail bars for you to choose from. These three essential types are the full bar, the themed bar, and the signature bar. Each type of bar offers different advantages, so you have to choose the best kind of bar for your event.


The different types of cocktail bars


First option: the full bar


The full bar, as its name implies, would take the most work. Why? Because you would have to serve an entire variety of liquors, straight-up drinks, and mixers. If you would like to impress your guests or have a serious group of cocktail enthusiasts on your hands, then you are better off with a full bar. Keep the bar stocked with almost all the alcoholic drinks and beverages you can think of, and remember to include non-alcoholic beverages and garnishes as well. You would probably need to hire a professional bartender to mix and make all the drinks. Although the full bar is the most expensive, it is the most fun. What you can do, if you want to go all out and have your party be the talk of the town, is get a mobile cocktail bar service which basically takes care of everything, from the drinks to the actual bar itself. You can even customise the bar according to your event’s theme.


Second option: the signature bar


The signature bar, on the other hand, is easier to prepare for, as you would only need to serve one or two signature drinks. These signature cocktails can be prepared beforehand in pitchers, so all you need to do when your guests arrive is pour them into individual glasses and serve. What works best is if you have two signature drinks, one made with rum, and another made with vodka. You can also select your cocktails according to the season. Summer parties are great with refreshing drinks such as mojitos, whilst winter parties can go well with spicy mulled wine and eggnog. The signature bar is also a good idea to cut down on liquor costs, although remember to keep it stocked with the essential beer and wine as well.

Third option: the themed bar


The themed bar is a bit more complex than the signature bar, because here, you will be serving one or two types of alcohol of your choice, plus a range of mixers. It is still easy on the budget, because you don’t have to buy so many types of liquor compared to a full bar. For instance, you can have a Champagne or sparkling wine bar and have your guests choose the mixers they want, and don’t forget your garnishes as well. Fresh fruit is always a best-seller, and so are bitters.


Having a fabulous party is entirely possible, as long as you keep the drinks flowing and the conversation going. With the right cocktail bar for your guests, you will definitely have an event to be remembered.



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