What Is the Difference Between Coffee and Espresso?

You might be an old-time coffee drinker, someone that has been having it every morning for years, but maybe you are wondering exactly what this espresso stuff is all about. It really has exploded on the scene during the last decade. However, it might surprise you that it has actually been around in North America for close to a hundred years already. It has just really gained in popularity recently, and it has many coffee lovers thinking about switching over to espresso.


These Hill of Beans Matters

Espresso consists of several types of coffee beans from various countries all ground up into one very fine mixture. Much finer than the coffee beans used for drip type coffee. It almost has the feel and consistency of sugar. This is quite different from normal coffee where it is mostly made up of just one kind of coffee bean.

Brewing Time

Brewing time differs greatly from coffee to espresso. If you are in a hurry, espresso could be the way to go. A shot of espresso usually takes about 25 seconds for it to fill your small cup. While very few people ever make just a cup of coffee, brewing a pot of coffee takes approximately ten minutes.

Which Has More Caffeine?

It may surprise you again because espresso is often identified as containing a lot of caffeine, but a cup of slow brewed coffee actually has more caffeine. Again, some people are fans of more caffeine and others would rather have a bit less, so it depends on your needs.

It’s All About the Foam

There are people who favor the foam on the espresso more than the drink itself. Many go crazy on just having the right amount of foam on top. Or as the true espresso lovers call it: crema.

Your Preference

Whether you enjoy coffee or espresso more, it all boils down to preference (coffee pun included). There are going to be lovers of each, and lovers of both together. The only thing that could possibly make espresso or coffee better is to have your own machine that pumps it out in the friendly location of your kitchen. It might be easier than you think to find the commercial espresso machine that fits your needs and at an affordable price. You will no longer have to wait in lines at the local coffee shop or even the gas station to get your fix.

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