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Turkey Meatballs

February 20th, 2011

Turkey meatballs in tomato sauce

Nigella hits it out of the park yet again!  This is the second recipe I’ve tried from Kitchen, and it was just as successful as the first.  I’ve been happily munching on these meatballs for the past few days, in various formats.  The first few were eaten over whole wheat spaghetti, the next few in an old English cheddar-topped sub, and the last were finished off with another bowl of pasta (because why mess with a classic).

1/2 onion, chopped super fine
2 sticks celery, chopped super fine
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp olive oil
salt & pepper
1 large tin diced tomatoes
1 small tin tomato sauce
1/2 tbsp dried thyme
rind from Parmesan cheese wedge (optional)

1 package ground turkey
1 egg
1/3 cup Panko bread crumbs
1 tsp thyme (or Italian seasoning mix)
2 tbsp Parmesan cheese, finely grated

Mix together the chopped onion and celery on the cutting board.
Set aside 2 tbsp of this mix in a large bowl (for the meatballs) and put the rest in a Dutch oven over medium heat, along with the garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Once the onion and celery have softened, add the tomatoes, thyme and Parmesan wedge.
Bring to a slow simmer and let cook uncovered.

Dump the rest of the ingredients into the bowl with the celery and onion.
Gently squash all the ingredients together with your hands – if you overwork the mix, the meatballs will be tough.
Once the ingredients are evenly blended, form into small balls and drop one at a time into the simmering tomato sauce.
Cook the meatballs in the sauce for 30 minutes, or until they are cooked through.
Serve over pasta or rice, or in toasted buns with cheese for a meatball sub.

Meatball sub with cheese

Cobb sandwich

May 31st, 2009

Cobb sandwich

My sister bought me a great new magazine for my birthday – Anna, published out of Winnipeg. I love that it’s Canadian. It comes out 4 times a year and features fantastic recipes and food features. The cover of issue 10 featured a scrumptious-looking Cobb sandwich that we had for supper the other night. Glorious.

For 3 large sandwiches:

2 chicken breasts, cooked and thinly sliced
8 slices of bacon, cooked until crispy
1/3 cup mayonnaise
a chunk of blue cheese (1-2oz)
6 slices sourdough bread, lightly toasted
3 big leaves of lettuce
1 tomato, thinly sliced
1 avocado, pitted and sliced

Crumble the blue cheese into the mayonnaise and stir together.
Spread a slice of sourdough with the blue cheese mayo, then layer on the lettuce, chicken, tomato, avocado and bacon.
Top with a second slice of sourdough and serve.

WCC #6 – Chicken Salad Wraps

June 25th, 2006

Waldorf Chicken Salad Wraps

For this month’s Weekend Cookbook Challenge, the theme was picnic food. Nothing says ‘picnic’ to me like a nice chicken salad, so I went searching through all my books for the perfect recipe. I finally found one in Jean Paré’s Chicken, etc – a quick little variation on your basic Waldorf salad. We had this for dinner the other night, wrapped up in flour tortillas with a bit of lettuce for added crunch. They were fabulous, and I know I’ll be pulling out this recipe a few more times before summer ends.

2 cups cooked chicken, chopped into small pieces
1 cup celery, chopped
1 cup red grapes, halved and seeded
1/2 cup walnuts, chopped and roasted
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sour cream
2 tbsp lime juice
2 tsp dried dill (or 1 tbsp fresh)
1 tsp paprika
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.
Refridgerate the salad for at least one hour before serving.

I had no cooked chicken on hand, so I quickly pan-fried two breasts in a tablespoon of olive oil, then chopped them into cubes once they had cooled.
For quickly roasted walnuts, toss a handful onto a microwaveable pie plate, then nuke them for about 2 minutes. Keep a close eye on them, because they’ll burn very easily!

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