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Kitchen garden: update 1

June 18th, 2009


My dad’s gotten in on the whole kitchen garden thing. Seems to think that now that he’s retired, he should have a vegetable plot to putter about in. He’s never grown vegetables before, so he’s trying a big mix of things – all in tidy rows, to fit with his English sensibilities.

What’s growing so far:

  • Lettuce and arugula – growing like crazy in their plant pot
  • Basil – about an in high, with glossy green leaves
  • Zucchini – ended up with 8 big strong plants
  • Tomatoes – 6 different varieties, all doing fairly well
  • Beans – looking pretty good
  • Peas – doing better than the beans
  • Carrots – just starting to peek through the dirt
  • Cauliflower – 6 plants, spindly but hopefully alright
  • Squash – 2 plants, destined to take over the world
  • Chives and dill – randomly popping up between paving stones?
  • If everything continues to grow over the summer, we may end up with quite the harvest come fall. Especially the zucchinis, even with my plans to pick some of the flowers for stuffing/frying. I may end up taking part in a certain August 8th holiday

    (click through for a detailed look at the garden plot)

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