Women’s Health: Top Tips to Reduce Heart Disease

Did you know that cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number 1 killer of women? It is actually responsible for nearly twice as many deaths compared to all forms of cancer. Which means you may be the one in three women in America with some form of CVD. The good news is, there are simple and easy ways to reduce your risk of this disease.

For a longer and happier life, here are a few lifestyle tweaks to reduce the chance of having a heart attack.

Drink responsibly

Yes, you read it right. Moderate drinking (which means one glass for women) can actually be advantageous to your heart. Drinking a glass of red or white wine for dinner can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25 percent.

Skip the salt shakers

Increased salt intake can result in heart disease. When there’s too much sodium in the food you eat, your body will release extra water into the bloodstream. As a result, the increased blood volume will make your heart overworked.

Brush your teeth

How To Get Your Kids Into Good Brushing Habits

What most people don’t know is that the bacteria that grow in your gums and mouth can travel down to the heart and cause serious infections. To avoid this, it is best to floss and brush your teeth regularly. Not only can it freshen your breath, it can also improve your health.

Don’t smoke

Increasing the chance of heart disease by two to four times, smoking is one of the most preventable causes of death in the United States. It is a proven fact that smoking can cause the blood vessels to stiffen and lose its elasticity. When this happens, there is higher risk of blood clots and stroke.

Reduce your stress

Research reveals that stress and heart disease go hand in hand. If you’re always worried, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol can lead to rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. Try to de-stress by practicing yoga. Yoga can help regulate the irregular heart rates and cortisol.

Stay active


Not only does exercise shed unwanted pounds, it also keeps your muscles, brain, boned, and heart healthy. Half an hour of movement everyday can go a long way. If you don’t want to hit the gym, there are other ways to sweat out. Go for a long walk, take Zumba lessons, or ride your bike.

Have regular check ups

One of the key techniques in the prevention of heart disease is visiting your physician regularly. Doctors are instrumental in determining risk factors that can lead to heart attacks. Be sure to schedule an annual check up and don’t hesitate to address any concerns regarding your health. To help you cut back on prohibitive medical costs, make sure you get low cost health insurance that suits your needs.

Start these healthy habits now!

How To Maintain Your Body Fit

Good health is a very vital aspect of our lives. Each and every person strives hard to achieve good health and to keep much fit. There are a number of benefits that comes with living a healthy life. For instance when you are healthy and fit, you will not have to struggle with sicknesses that come with poor health. This in turn saves you on costs incurred on medical bills. Keeping fit entails exercising on a regular basis and also observing keenly on the kind of food you take. Take a look at the tips below that will help you achieve keeping fit.


Ensure you eat healthy and drink healthy drinks

What we eat on a daily basis will determine how fit we become. Each and every day observe your diet keenly. This is the basis of how your body develops. Make sure when you sit down to have a meal you observe the balanced meal rule. Avoid at all costs junk food and foods that are in high cholesterol. Always make sure your plate of food is balanced with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. In a nut shell develop a healthy eating lifestyle to avoid stress and complications that comes with poor eating habits.

Drink plenty of water

The recommended amount of water in our bodies in an adult is 8-10 glasses a day. Water keeps you hydrated all day long. In addition plenty of water keeps your stomach full thus helping you control the portion of food you take. Carry with you always a bottle of water and take regularly. This is much better than taking sugary drinks. Remember water is life.

Exercising regularly

Exercise is very important in our lives. Make sure you exercise for about 15 minutes every morning. This will waken up your system and make your body active through the day. Remember you do not have to go to a Jim to keep fit. You can decide to jog around or even run or walk every morning. You can also train yourself to commute to office instead of driving. Go up the stairs instead of using an elevator. Walk around your work place and avoid sitting for long hours.

Have an adequate rest.

After a busy day ensure that you have enough rest during the night. Determine the no of hours you need to sleep in order to feel refreshed in the morning. When your body rests well it acquires more energy and this means you will not have to eat more to compensate for that energy. Enough sleep also improves you immune system. You have to give your body adequate time to fight bacteria and virus so that you don’t suffer from colds and flu all the time. In case you have problems sleeping look at the root course of your lack of sleep and deal with it urgently.

Last but equally important perform a regular check on your body to ensure every part of your body okay. Visit your dentist, your gynecologist and other specialists regularly. Take note that it is very important to have a European Health Insurance Card to cater for your medical bills.



10 Healthy Food Trends to Watch for in 2014


Industry survey results are in — in 2014, healthy eating is in. Next year’s food trends will build upon much of the progress toward sustainable, locally sourced and healthy foods; some trends reflect a return to tradition while others reflect a more experimental spirit. Let’s take a look at some of the food trends we can expect to see emerge in 2014.

1) A Continued Emphasis on Sustainable and Locally Sourced Foods

When you go to school to study for a Master of Science in Nutrition and Wellness, you will learn about the massive impact of sustainable farming practices and local food sourcing on nutrition. Local food is more nutritious, because food loses its nutritional value rapidly in transit. In 2014, the trend toward sustainable, organically grown and locally produced food will gain strength.

2) Gluten-Free Pasta

Gluten-free diets are all the rage lately, but until now people avoiding wheat have been forced to steer clear of pasta dishes. In 2014, expect to see a plethora of delicious pastas made from bean and nut flours as well as non-wheat grain flours.

3) More Emphasis on Pediatric Nutrition

People are more conscious than ever of what they’re feeding their children. In 2013, the FDA tightened up its food regulations and consumers grew ever more knowledgeable about their food choices. In 2014, healthy meals for kids are expected to become one of the hottest food trends.

4) More Nut-Based Milks

Nut-based milks are delicious and incredibly nutritious. They offer a balance of healthy fats, phytochemicals that help fight chronic disease, fiber, vitamins and minerals. They’re great for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk and for those who want to eat a more plant-based diet. In 2014, expect to see them used in savory dishes, sauces, smoothies and baked goods.

5) More Egg Yolks

Once shunned as unhealthily high in dietary cholesterol, egg yolks are now known to be a great source of antioxidants like lutein and xeaxanthin and nutrients like choline, which is essential to maintain brain health. They’re also a leading food source of vitamin D.

6) A Return to Pickling

Your grandmother will be happy to see pickling come back into vogue in 2014, as a new generation discovers old-fashioned food preservation techniques. No longer just a garnish, pickles will occupy a more central place in the meals of 2014.

7) More Ethnic-Inspired Foods

Ethnic-inspired foods are expected to make it big in 2014, especially at breakfast. Expect to see Asian-inspired toppings and syrups on your Belgian waffles and Dutch pancakes.

8) More Dessert Mash-Ups

Dessert mash-ups like the cronut were incredibly popular in 2013, and they’re expected to get even bigger in 2014. Next year, keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds primed for hybrid sweets like ice cream cupcakes and “townies,” or tartlet-brownies, which have a soft, gooey brownie center and a crisp outer tartlet shell.

9) Increased Emphasis on Poaching and Steaming

Poaching and steaming are two of the healthiest cooking methods, but they have a bad reputation for producing bland, boring dishes. In 2014, expect to see poaching and steaming come to the forefront of professional cuisine, and expect to see various culinary artists put their own flavorful twists on these two cooking methods. All it takes is adding spices or flavoring to the water or using a different liquid source altogether, to bring some life to poached or steamed dishes.

10) Tea as a Seasoning

Tea is packed with antioxidants that protect against cardiovascular disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. Most varieties of tea also have a rich, earthy flavor. In 2014, expect to see a variety of dishes cooked with tea as an aromatic and flavorful seasoning.

Next year’s food trends are expected to comprise both a return to and a departure from the past, as can be seen in trends like the resurgence in the popularity of pickling, the return of steaming and poaching as cooking methods, and the emergences of new cooking trends like the use of nut milks and tea as cooking ingredients. In 2014, consumers will demand sustainable, locally-produced foods for themselves and their children, and increased emphasis will be placed on healthy cooking methods and healthy ingredients.


About the Author: Contributing blogger Alicia Madison holds a Master of Science in Nutrition and Wellness and has written for a number of food and nutrition blogs.

Different Types of Grains

Chances are that you are in the habit of only eating from a rather narrow selection of whole grains that are readily available. This might mean some bran flakes in the morning, maybe whole-grain or wild rice, and wheat or rye bread for sandwiches. Of course, there is a whole world of healthy and different types of grains out there. They can be used for cooking and provide superior nutritional value and can easily be found at many supermarkets and natural food stores. Another excellent benefit of healthy grains is that they are a great way to get more fiber into your diet.  Continue reading Different Types of Grains

Cooking Up a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Children

As a parent myself, I know all too well that meal times can often present a challenge especially when introducing new foods to the table. For every parent with headstrong offspring who are determined to eat the stodgy food enjoyed at their peer’s homes and at school sometimes it does feel like you’re fighting a losing battle…

But fear not, I have a few helpful tips (and tricks) that every parent can use to introduce healthy eating and cook up a storm that all the family will enjoy. There are even a few opportunities to get those little creative hands involved for a more inspirational family kitchen and a healthier, more enjoyable mealtime…

Plan ahead together for nutritious and creative meals; planning a weekly menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner can be a little daunting, especially for parents that face the challenge of striking the perfect balance between work and home life. Instead plan meals two to three days at a time to ensure that each meal is balanced and interesting. Incorporate whole grain, fruits, vegetables and protein to create a colourful and healthy combination. Get your child involved in this process too by allowing them to plan a meal for all the family every once in a while, with a little guidance of course!

Regular meal times are also the key to healthy eating, and can curb bad habits and in turn, create the good eating habits that will last a lifetime, ensuring your child goes onto become a healthy adult and passes your wisdom to your grandchildren. Schedule meals every three to four hours and include healthy snack breaks to ensure your child is not famished, cranky and less willing to try new foods.

When it does come to introducing new foods, the key is to do this slowly, as all children are food-phobic and need time to hone their palettes. Spend a little time getting their taste buds used to the new flavour and try not to play ‘food enforcer’ too much, instead stay on neutral ground, encourage and expand your own palette in the process!

As well as being a proud parent, Brittany helps other families get the help their need in raising our next generation. She works for County Nannies Recruitment and uses her expertise in the field to assist parents in recruiting the right nanny, au pair or maternity nurse for their family.

How to Choose a Great Wine: Decisions, Decisions!

Wine takes you on a personal journey into what you enjoy to drink. To choose a good wine takes practice and some effort. The following will help guide you through the process of picking a wine. If you love good taste, and want the ability to impress your friends with your “lucky” choices. Here’s a guide for you.


Start With the Price Range

Knowing your price range is the first step. It’s all about getting the best bang for your buck. Anyone can get a $2 bottle that everyone cringes while tasting. Unless you buy Lamborghinis for kicks and giggles, the trick here is to buy inexpensive wine that has the taste of more expensive wines. This takes a little bit of experimenting, as new wineries come into existence every year. Less expensive might mean “newer,” or it could mean “undiscovered.” With that in mind, the first thing you need to do is figure out your price range. Once this variable is settled, it’s time to consider the meal your wine selection will accompany.

What’s For Dinner?

This choice splits your decision between Whites and Reds. Different foods go well with different wines, and knowing what’s for dinner is half the battle. When pairing up light foods like salad or chicken, the suggested choice would be a lighter Wine. White wine should always be paired with a lighter meal. Light=Light. For heavier meals, select a full-bodied red wine. The wine is always meant to compliment the meal and enhance the taste, so for heavier meals, think dark wine. This rule may seem simple, but it will go a long way in making your dinner party or other event a success.  If you’re simply walking into a party or not sure what the dinner selection will be, a light white wine is always safe for socializing. Of course, you can really impress your friends if you know where the wine comes from.

Selecting A Region

Location is a huge factor to consider when selecting wine. Anything from the “Old Countries” is a pretty safe bet.  Germany and France are generally fantastic choices, as they have been perfecting the art and science of winemaking for centuries. Wines from the Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne valleys are all good bets, whether you are attempting to impress friends or share a special evening with loved ones. But don’t forget to consider less conventional locations, including Africa and Australia, when it comes to selecting a wine. These newer players in the wine industry have come a long way with in a very short amount of time and can be the perfect source for quality wine at budget-friendly prices. Ultimately, one of the most enjoyable aspects of wine consumption is the journey of discovering your unique tastes and preferences.

Don’t Forget the Grapes!

Grapes make a huge difference in how the wine tastes and ferments. All grapes naturally ferment, but the type of grape makes a big difference in the taste and boldness of flavor after this process.

A quick lists of ideas of where to start:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon is a full, rich red wine that goes well with anything heavy

  • Pinot Noir is sweeter than Cabernets, with similar characteristics

  • Merlot is one of the easier reds to start with, and it is popular around the world

  • Zinfandel is a Californian specialty and has a bold rich flavor

  • Syrah is a very famous red; the French and Australian make them extremely well

  • Chardonnay is an easy, smooth white, and comes highly recommend

  • Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh white, great for garden parties and get-togethers

  • Riesling is a nice, easy white; produced well by both German and Californian wineries


Don’t panic if you see a blend of grapes; it is common to have different grapes used to create special blends. Much of the science and mastery of winemaking lies in this process. If you are going for a blended wine, however, selecting stock from the “Old Countries” is the safest bet. Few other locations have the expertise to craft delicious blended wines. By perfecting the aging process, more complicated blends can be produced. As stated in an article about objects that improve with age, it is the high levels of residual sugar, combined with the grapes’ natural acidity, that gives wine a greater taste of complexity and creamier texture when it is aged.

It’s All About Your Personal Preference

Your natural tendencies in what you eat can help you select your wine. For a first time buyer, think about the foods you like and why. If you really enjoy a good steak for example, your taste is probably going to veer more towards the deeper red wines. If you’re someone who prefers a lighter meal, you’ll probably prefer the taste of a lighter white wine. But don’t think too hard about it. If you plan on becoming a regular wine consumer, this isn’t going to be a one-time purchase. You are going to have to experiment, but that’s half the fun anyway! Wine is a journey and your tastes will change as your taste buds evolve and you begin to consciously notice the various flavors of the grapes. Have fun learning and experiencing new and bold flavors in everything you buy. Don’t be afraid to test and taste and test again. Have fun and learn about yourself in the process.

Opting For Unique Hotels To Receive Proper Cuisines

party food

Food items vary from one corner of the world to the other. There are various kinds of food items that are mainly restricted to some geographical locations. People thus opt for the best hotels that can easily cater to various kinds of food items irrespective of the destination. It will really be best for some of the people to visit their favorite hotels for ultimate tasty cuisines. One has to think properly and select the hotel according to the need. Best kinds of hotels are trying to provide cuisines that are not available at other hotels.

Proper Kind Of Catering Service

Interested people should always make sure to visit the hotels in the locality that cannot be compared with others. This particular kind of hotel can meet the ultimate requirement of customers. Hotels which are focusing more on gourmetcatering are gaining much name and fame in the present time. this is the particular kind of catering that is mainly available in selected hotels. Thus, food lovers have to make sure about the destination that can help to meet their hunger. This particular catering cannot be done in normal kitchen as there are lots of things that are required for it.

Selective Kind Of Dishes

Hotels are now days focusing on some of the best kind of features that can attract good numbers of customers towards it. there are some specific cuisines, which is very hard to be found in all hotels. Very few numbers of hotels are providing such kinds of services. The price of such dishes is also high as due to the uniqueness as well as demand. One has to search for those specific hotels in the locality. Click here for more information about one such kind of hotel that serves for extraordinary kinds of cuisines.

Best Value For Money

The cuisines that are available in the top hotels satisfy the customers and their hunger. The level of service is also extra ordinary. Internet can help to locate one such kinds of hotel that is worth a visit. All these hotels can also become the main destination for partying. The types of cuisines that are provided are really nice. The service also impresses people in various manners. People thus do not hesitate to pay more as service taxes. Just visit skovshovedhotel in order to grab your feast without wasting much of the time.

Excellent Egg Based Recipes for Fitness Fanatics

There’s no secret behind the power of eggs: they’re cheap, easy to cook, and versatile enough to be eaten every night without getting bored. However, while cooking, boiling, or scrambling eggs is common knowledge, recipes that filter out the white from the yolk, and only use that, can be much harder to find.


Egg whites are high in protein and amino acids, with no fat, so they are naturally one of the best foods to eat in order to get bulked up, fit, or healthier. In comparison to the yolk, they have far fewer recipes dedicated to them, but are much better for you. Egg whites as part of an exercise plan are the simplest and most effective foods to help continue on the work you do in the gym. We’ve found our favourite egg-white only recipes for you to try out!


Omelette with a Twist


Everyone knows how to make an omelette: they’re easy and cheap, and can contain everything you need to use up in your fridge. However, we’ve concocted our own recipe that means you can forget about needing to use the yolk, and stick with the whites.


Pour 6 – 8 egg whites into a frying pan on medium heat, and cook for 6 – 8 minutes. When the whites begin to solidify, change the heat from medium to low, and add whatever other ingredients you fancy. Flip the omelette over, and cook the other side – and then it’s ready to eat!


Egg Whites with Muffins


For a carbohydrate kick with your egg whites, add a traditional English breakfast muffin to the mix. Perfect for breakfast, as a snack after a workout, or a light dinner, this protein and carb filled meal can be enjoyed whenever, and is ready in almost no time at all!


Scramble together three egg whites, and choose what other toppings you’d like on your muffin – we highly recommend spinach! Once you’ve laid out your other choices, toast the muffin until it’s slightly crispy, and then add the egg on top.







Tex-Mex Scrambled Egg


For scrambled eggs with a healthy, protein-filled kick, follow this simple, delicious recipe.

Heat one tablespoon of oil in a frying pan, then add a tortilla and fry until crispy. Usually this is two minutes per side. Remove from the heat, then cut into small pieces. Dice up jalapeños, peppers, onions and tomatoes, and sauté. Whisk together four egg whites, then add to pan with vegetables, and scramble. Mix in the diced tortilla, top with cheese (if required), and you’re good to go!


Eggy Oatmeal


For a normal breakfast with a bodybuilding twist, add your egg whites to your oatmeal! This tasty bowlful is the perfect way to start your day off, combining a slow release food, with the protein rich egg white.


Combine half a cup of oats with one cup of water in a saucepan, on medium heat. The oats will begin to get bigger after around two minutes. Add four egg whites to the pan, and slowly stir. After three – four minutes, the oats will get bigger and fluffier, as they mix together with the egg whites. Once you can pull the oats away from the side of the pan, your breakfast is ready! For more flavours, try adding cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate powder!


We love all these recipes – and we’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions! Nearly all egg-based dishes can be substituted for just egg whites: the general rule of thumb is that one egg is equal to two egg whites. If you prefer to use powdered egg whites, something that is often easier, check with your supplier how much to use in place of liquid whites. Happy cooking!


Image attributed to FreeDigitalPhotos.net Carlos Porto




Top Tips on Choosing the Perfect Cocktail Bar for Your Party

Planning the party of a lifetime? If you are in charge of organising any event, whether it’s a corporate product launch or a grand wedding, there’s one thing that you absolutely need: a cocktail bar. Let’s face it: a party isn’t complete without cocktails, and what better way to serve all your drinks and beverages than with a cocktail bar?


The first thing you need to know is that there are actually different types of cocktail bars for you to choose from. These three essential types are the full bar, the themed bar, and the signature bar. Each type of bar offers different advantages, so you have to choose the best kind of bar for your event.


The different types of cocktail bars


First option: the full bar


The full bar, as its name implies, would take the most work. Why? Because you would have to serve an entire variety of liquors, straight-up drinks, and mixers. If you would like to impress your guests or have a serious group of cocktail enthusiasts on your hands, then you are better off with a full bar. Keep the bar stocked with almost all the alcoholic drinks and beverages you can think of, and remember to include non-alcoholic beverages and garnishes as well. You would probably need to hire a professional bartender to mix and make all the drinks. Although the full bar is the most expensive, it is the most fun. What you can do, if you want to go all out and have your party be the talk of the town, is get a mobile cocktail bar service which basically takes care of everything, from the drinks to the actual bar itself. You can even customise the bar according to your event’s theme.


Second option: the signature bar


The signature bar, on the other hand, is easier to prepare for, as you would only need to serve one or two signature drinks. These signature cocktails can be prepared beforehand in pitchers, so all you need to do when your guests arrive is pour them into individual glasses and serve. What works best is if you have two signature drinks, one made with rum, and another made with vodka. You can also select your cocktails according to the season. Summer parties are great with refreshing drinks such as mojitos, whilst winter parties can go well with spicy mulled wine and eggnog. The signature bar is also a good idea to cut down on liquor costs, although remember to keep it stocked with the essential beer and wine as well.

Third option: the themed bar


The themed bar is a bit more complex than the signature bar, because here, you will be serving one or two types of alcohol of your choice, plus a range of mixers. It is still easy on the budget, because you don’t have to buy so many types of liquor compared to a full bar. For instance, you can have a Champagne or sparkling wine bar and have your guests choose the mixers they want, and don’t forget your garnishes as well. Fresh fruit is always a best-seller, and so are bitters.


Having a fabulous party is entirely possible, as long as you keep the drinks flowing and the conversation going. With the right cocktail bar for your guests, you will definitely have an event to be remembered.



Image attributed to: FreeDigitalPhotos.net bk images


Finding Gluten Free Food Items


The Dangers Of Gluten

It is not enough to simply browse through the different food brands and read the labels. Often, many food manufacturers do not spell out all the constituents in their food items. That means you could be consuming a food product that has a high percentage of gluten. Gluten is a protein that is used as a stabilizing agent in many food products. Thus, even ice cream or ketchup could include gluten if you are not careful. When you are intolerant of gluten, you need to be careful what you consume. In many cases, it is not enough to have a home cooked meal. Even such meals could be prepared with items that have gluten content in them.

Finding A Reliable Brand

When you are on the lookout for gluten free food products, you need to find a reliable brand like Superbest that offers you such options. In such cases, you land in a dilemma. You are unsure which food brand to rely upon. Again, it is not possible to eradicate all processed food items from our lives. The spices and flavors that we use are processed. How do we remove them from our meal? It might be possible to add fresh spices but not all the time. Some dishes require special sauces that are processed. If you are still facing gluten intolerant problems then there might be some food items in your site that contains gluten unknowingly. For such reasons, it is necessary to find a reliable gluten free food brand.

Convenient Online Stores

When you have found a reliable food brand that offers gluten free food products, you will get quality food items. There will be the absence of stabilizing agents and filler materials which are usually composed of gluten. The added convenience is the gluten food brands available online. When you log on to a site like www.superbest.dk/glutenfri-mad you will find a large array of food products that are free of gluten. The products will certainly help to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from celiac disease. When one consumes such food products, they will feel the difference. There will no longer be digestion problems and neither will one feel bloated. One will be able to reduce weight and live healthy. One can order their food items online and get them delivered to their own address.